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Lazy Susan Engraved 14” - "Bless Us Oh Lord"

Lazy Susan Engraved 14” - "Bless Us Oh Lord"

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Lazy Susan Engraved "Bless Us O Lord":

One of the many blessings in the Catholic faith is our armory of prayers. Tradition has graced us with prayers written, or received and then shared, by the many faithful men and women who came before us- prayers so eloquent, rich, and reverent that the majority of us could not even begin to come up with such words on our own.

The 'Prayer Before Meals' is one such prayer. Our beautiful everyday prayers do at times get taken for granted. We fall into routine and lose sight of the awesomeness in the words we are reciting....myself-GUILTY! We hope that seeing these words engraved onto a Lazy Susan displayed on your kitchen table or counter will help you to visualize again the beauty in this particular everyday prayer.

  • Laser engraved
  • 14" diameter
  • smooth spinning 360 degree rotation


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