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Mini St. Benedict Stickers

Mini St. Benedict Stickers

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Mini St. Benedict Stickers:

We are excited to have discovered these Mini St. Benedict Stickers by "Just Love Prints" and help make them available to you!

"The St. Benedict Medal is powerful! Exorcists suggest putting a Benedictine Medal sticker on your electronic devices to protect from "demonic harassment." These are lasting, durable stickers that are made of weatherproof, dishwasher safe vinyl for your phone, laptop, bike, car, or water bottle. If you’re intending to use the sticker as a means of protection, have it blessed by a Benedictine Monk or a Catholic priest before use. Four, 1 inch St. Benedict Medals are included on each sheet."


• Each sheet comes with 4 St. Benedict Medal stickers

• Each sticker measures 1 inch

• dishwasher safe, weatherproof, waterproof, super durable

• proudly made in the USA

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