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Reusable Essential Oil Diffuser Crucifix

Reusable Essential Oil Diffuser Crucifix

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Reusable Essential Oil Diffuser Crucifix

Enjoy your favorite essential oil blends right in your car!

Crucifixes specifically, have power-it is the mark of Satan's defeat. Demons flee from the crucifix. Why not fill your space in your car/home with these?

How to use it:

-Hang your oil diffuser onto your car mirror with plastic breakaway clasps

-Add 1-5 drops of your favorite essentials to these essential oil diffusers. You can add the drops to the natural wood beads or to the crucifix itself! Hang these in your car, your home, or gift them to your favorite people! (These make a beautiful gift topper/bow alternative)

-As the smell begins to fade over the week, just add a few more drops, making this the perfect reusable accessory in your car!

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